Aspects concerning the security of access to the MEDUCA educational content

Mihai Jitaru
MBL Computers, Bucharest
Dragoş Ioniţă
MBL Computers, Bucharest
Nicoleta Iacob
MBL Computers, Bucharest
George Manea
MBL Computers, Bucharest

Abstract: The paper presents a solution for providing secure access to the educational content, implemented on the MEDUCA portal of the Romanian Pilot Centre for Dissemination of Digital Content. The solutions identified have been used in completing the implementation of IT infrastructure needed to host the portal, and also to grant access, particularly through Internet, to the services of the portal. The MEDUCA portal was created under the MEDSCEN research project – “Thorough research for the creation of a pilot educational system within the virtual space in order to simulate scenarios concerning natural disasters and appropriate action planning procedures designed for citizens and institutions in crisis situations – a project that is under development by a consortium coordinated by the National Defence University of Romania “Carol I” and financed by ANCS (the National Authority for Scientific Research) through CNMP (the National Centre for Programme Management).

Keywords: eLearning, security, portal, framework

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Mihai Jitaru, Dragoş Ioniţă, Nicoleta Iacob, George Manea, Aspects concerning the security of access to the MEDUCA educational content, Romanian Journal of Information Technology and Automatic Control, ISSN 1220-1758, vol. 20(3), pp. 59-66, 2010.