Algebraic Reconstruction of Images Using jSNARK Software Package

Art. 02 – Vol.23 – No. 4 – 2013

Constantin Popa

Ioana Pomparău

 “Ovidius” University of Constanţa

Abstract: Research on the computerized tomography image reconstruction, started in the 50s, continued with the work of G.T. Herman and R. Gordon in the 70s. They proposed techniques for generating model images and also efficient algorithms for reconstruction. In this respect, a first version of the SNARK software package was developed. The current versions are SNARK09 and jSNARK. In the first part of this paper we describe how to use the jSNARK package to generate model images (ghosts). Image and projection data thus obtained are exported and used in the MATLAB programming environment to perform reconstruction experiments with Kaczmarz type iterative algorithms.
Key words: algebraic image reconstruction; jSNARK software package; Kaczmarz algorithm.
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