The Romanian Journal of Information Technology and Automatic Control (RRIA) is a quarterly scientific journal edited and published by the National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics – ICI Bucharest. This journal has been published continuously since 1991.

The main objectives of RRIA are to actively sustain authors (scientific researchers, professors, professionals, but also faculty/university students, post-graduate and PhD students) and to efficiently disseminate the information to the benefit of different specialists (both within the Institute as well as outside of it) with regards to the new technologies, projects, and European and governmental funds access possibilities.

Through its pages, the journal offers useful information, case studies, product presentations, best practice examples, events and solutions which can be implemented in different areas such as: business, health, administration, industry, environment protection, alternative energy, information security, information technology, education and culture, taking into consideration the idea that a decision based on information it’s a correct decision.

With information technology and automatic control as main areas of interest but also with the complementary areas, RRIA publishes in its pages original articles, protected by the copy-right law.
In order to expand the dissemination area of the journal the abstracts and keywords of the articles are also published in English (both on paper and on-line version).


  • Master Journal List (Clarivate Analytics, ESCI):
    2022: 0.5
  • AIS (Article Influence Score) 2022: 0.018

The Editorial Board, which is responsible for the overall performance of the journal, is composed of professors from around the world and experts in the subject area that the journal focuses on.

ICI Bucharest publishes this journal that is fully open access i.e. all articles are made available free of charge to the reader. Moreover, authors do not pay an open access fee.

We welcome international subscriptions to the print edition of the journal.