A Proposal for the ICT Oriented Analysis Framework of the National Innovation System (I)

Art. 07 – Vol. 23 – Nr. 3 – 2013

Gabriel Neagu
G Vladimir Florian
Marilena Ianculescu
National Institute for Reasearch & Development in Informatics, ICI Bucharest

Abstract: The FORSEE project, funded by the South East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme, has its main objective to provide a regional Foresight methodology and a proving pilot exercise to support transnational collaboration in developing strategic plans for RDI in the ICT domain. The starting point in implementing the project was the study of the current status of RDI system, generically called National Innovation System (NIS), in each partner country. The focus of this study was on the ICT domain. The aim of the paper is to provide an outline of the NIS report for our country, in terms of an analysis framework which consists of the document structuring approach, the Eurostat and World Bank concepts and statistical indicators used for each section of the document, and their illustrative instantiation for our country according to the EU or wider international area documents. The paper is structured in two parts, devoted to structural and performance oriented NIS analysis, respectively. In the first part, after short considerations about the role of research and innovation to strengthen the competitive potential at micro and macro economic levels, a short overview of the FORSEE project is available, followed by the presentation of the structural vision about NIS: national context of the RDI evolution, the configuration of the ICT country profile, and the main NIS components (coordination, resources and specialised organizations). The second part of the paper will be devoted to the performance vision on NIS.

Keywords: FORSEE project, research-development-innovation, NIS, structure oriented vision, ICT profile, statistical indicators.

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