– Art. 04 – Vol. 23 – No. 1 – 2013

Nisar Ahmed

Yasir Saleem

Muhammad Khawar Bashir

Faisal Hayat

Department of C&SE, University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan.

Imran Touqir

Department of Electrical Engineering, National University of Sciences and Technology, Pakistan

Abstract: Insulin delivery to diabetic patient using manual methods is a tedious job and requires significant efforts clinically. It doesn’t ensure optimal performance and causes noncompliance to the prescribed drug and results in several medical complications. The insulin delivery system, often called as artificial pancreas, is a portable insulin delivery pump used to control blood glucose concentrations.  An insulin pump is design and developed to deliver insulin in precise and accurate amount to the diabetic patient, in order to regulate the blood glucose concentrations. In this paper, theoretical analysis has been performed to regulate the blood glucose-insulin concentration on the basis of some mathematical models. These models includes an open loop control of insulin delivery, based on mathematical model of insulin curve and closed loop control based on modified Stolwijk and Hardy’s dynamic model. These models are implemented and analyzed using MATLAB. Moreover some experiments have been carried out and the results are analyzed based on medical parameters. This paper elaborates the insulin delivery mechanism and developments which are discussed will enhance the quality of life of the diabetic.

Keywords: Biological system modeling, artificial biological organs, artificial pancreas, drug delivery system, insulin, glucose control.

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