Concentration level detection for left/right brain dominance using electroencephalogram signal

Swati CHOWDHURI1, Dibyendu MAL2
1 Department of EEE, Institute of Engineering & Management, Kolkata, India
2 Department of PHYSICS, Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata, India,

Rezumat: Some features of left and right brained people can be determined using the left and right brain dominance theories. It can assist in the development of training syllabus for brain-balancing education topics. When performing any action, human focus or concentration is essential. This paper will examine the concentration levels of patients with left and right brain dominance using electroencephalogram (EEG) data. Brain activity may be tracked and recorded using EEG waves. The human brain’s thinking and attention cause brain waves to alter in distinct frequency bands. A frequency-based EEG signal can be cleaned up and characteristics can be extracted using the baseline correction method. As a result, the EEG Topographical Power Spectral Density Value is created. The main objective of this paper is to compare the concentration levels of people with different brain dominance. Inversely, EEG signal can be used to predict whether a person has a left or a right brain dominance.

Cuvinte cheie: Brain dominance, concentration, electroencephalogram, power spectral density, topographical value.

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Swati CHOWDHURI, Dibyendu MAL, Concentration level detection for left/right brain dominance using electroencephalogram signal, Revista Română de Informatică şi Automatică (Romanian Journal of Information Technology and Automatic Control), ISSN 1220-1758, vol. 32(3), pp. 109-118, 2022.